October 22, 2018

Cast | Artists Talk at Luan Gallery

2 November, 2pm.

Join visual artist Aideen Barry as she discusses the current exhibition β€œCast” with featuring sculpture artists Cecilia Bullo, Mel French, Martina Coyle, Don Cronin and Katherine Sankey.

This is an ideal opportunity for anyone with an interest in sculpture to join in on a discussion on the work of seven talented sculpture artists. This current exhibition β€œCast” features a wide range of sculptural forms, from traditional Irish Sculptures to modern video and light installations; it is the perfect example of the diversity in contemporary sculptural art. The artists talk will provide the audience with an insight into the minds of the artists. Barry will extract information from featuring artists about their meanings, materials and methods. Members of the public will also get the chance to interact in the conversation and gain answers to any questions they may have about the artists and their work. It is a great opportunity to play witness to the discussion between the artists who created the work and fellow practicing visual artists Aideen Barry. With Aideen`s flair with words and passion for sculpture this conversation promises to provide plenty of food for thought.…cast-artists-talk-at-luan-gallery

Cast | Artists Talk at Luan Gallery