September 12, 2017

Call for Participation | Recent Graduate New Materialism Reading Group

It cannot be ignored that there is an inherent interest in a certain kind of materiality common to many recent graduates in Dublin. Whether it be an interest in objecthood, environmentalism, the natural environment and our relationship to it, the Anthropocene etc; it seems recent graduates have started to have New Materialist tendencies.

‘With the changing of societies on local, national and international scales owing to economic, ecological, political and technological developments and crises, a reorganized academic landscape can be observed to be emerging… New materialist scholars use ‘matter’ as their focal point and searchlight. Zooming in on the matter of ecology, economy, politics, technology and art, these scholars move away from a framework of representation.’ (

There is a common feeling of isolation and a lack of agency in the years after graduating, a reading group is a good way to start a peer to peer supportive dialogue.
What this reading group will intend to do is to tease out some of these New Materialist ideas in a group setting, supporting each individual’s common interests and practices. Through reading certain texts (listed below) it is hoped that a dialogue will emerge between a group of recent graduates dealing with similar tendencies in their own practices.
There is no long-term commitment, only a vague hope that this dialogue could turn into an event, happening or publication of sorts.

If interested please fill out form and read schedule:

Call for Participation | Recent Graduate New Materialism Reading Group