January 14, 2019

Bookbinding and Bookmaking Workshop for Beginners and Improvers, Cork

A very comprehensive and creative course where students will follow at their own pace, helped step by step by the workshop leader Laurie Legrand, M.A. Fine Art graduate, practiced technician and teacher.

Course Content:
Over the course of these fun, practical classes, participants will learn to:
– differentiate different types of books and how they can be reproduced,
– set a basic book-binding station at home
– stitch and glue different types of book-blocks
– choose, design and make different types of covers (using hard card, fabric, paper, fold over leather, ribbons, etc..)
– repair beloved old books
– as well as to design their own project with the help of the teacher (artist’s sketchbooks, notebooks, portfolios, etc..).

There is no compulsory list of material for this workshop, all tools and basic material will be provided, but students will be encourage to source material they might enjoy working with over time.

This wonderful, and very high quality course, is a step by step Introduction to bookbinding. It is open to students of all levels interested in bookbinding, book repair and building customised presentations for 2D works.

Dates: Thursday 24th of January 2019 (10 weeks)
Times: 20.00 to 22.00 every Thursday
Fee: 120€ for the 10 sessions
Location: St John’s Central College of Further Education and Training, Sawmill Street, Cork

Bookbinding and Bookmaking Workshop for Beginners and Improvers, Cork