December 19, 2018

Bold and Uninhibited: Abstract Oil and Cold Wax Painting Workshop, Mulranney, Co. Mayo

Join Serena Barton, author of Wabi-Sabi Painting with Cold Wax (North Light) in beautiful Mulranney Co Mayo,Ireland,for a week-long experience in an amazing place working with an amazing medium. She will show you lots of techniques for adding layers, textures, graphic touches and atmosphere to your work. Let you in on the qualities unique to oil and cold wax. Encourage you to mix and match techniques in your own way and to develop your own style. You’ll learn several ways to prepare your wood supports, including using Venetian Plaster and oil ground, and we’ll play with Arches oil paper and Multi-Media Board which need no preparation before you dive in with paint and wax. You’ll learn how to use ordinary household tools to incise and make marks, how to scrape back for a dramatic look, and how to unify your compositions. We’ll also cover adding collage, sand, plaster, marble dust, and collage elements to your pieces. We’ll explores the creative process and ways to get your creativity flowing.

If you are an experienced painter, you’ll love delving into painting with oil and cold wax. I’ll help you achieve a loose, expressive attitude and style. If you are new to painting, working with oil and cold wax is a great way to begin. You can change the look of your piece at any time by layering, scraping back, and using solvents.

The watchword for this workshop is, “Experiment!” You’ll build up many layers, incise, scribble, scrape back, and texture your work, allowing each piece to tell its own story.

Dates: March 9-16, 2019
Location: Essence of Mulranney Studios, Mulranney, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Bold and Uninhibited: Abstract Oil and Cold Wax Painting Workshop, Mulranney, Co. Mayo