October 17, 2017

Board of Directors Needed for Irish Architecture Foundation

Irish Architecture Foundation are seeking to appoint four motivated people to our Board of Directors to work alongside the current board and staff on delivering the future Strategy for Architecture and the Public.

Established in 2005, the IAF is an independent organisation dedicated to the promotion of architecture as culture. We encourage people to engage with their built environment, to inspire new ways of thinking about architecture.

We truly believe architecture has the power to improve the way we live and how we think about our built environment. By bringing people together from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, we can create a more inclusive conversation that will inspire a better-built environment for everyone.
In a few short years, we have situated architecture firmly within the cultural context, popularised it through Open House Dublin, inspired young minds through our schools programme, encouraged people to think differently about their cities and towns by creating talks and debates, communicated architecture by curating national and international exhibitions, and enhanced the practice of architecture through mutually beneficial exchanges between architects and the public.

As we embark on a strategic vision and begin to plan for the future of the organisation, IAF is looking for 4 exceptional individuals to join our Board of Directors to supplement the existing skill base. Our current board is made up of people from the architecture, arts, design, education and built environment sectors. IAF is seeking applicants to fill four vacancies on our Board of Directors. For further information on the Irish Architecture Foundation:

Board of Directors Needed for Irish Architecture Foundation