Belfast Bankers

1 vacant building, 29 Creatives, a load of bees & 12 months. Let’s see what happens….

Belfast Bankers is a studio group of artists working across many disciplines. We are visual artists, musicians, puppeteers, photographers, filmmakers, beekeepers and writers.

We took over an old vacant Ulster Bank Building in early 2017 on the understanding that we would only have the building for one year. The temporary lease gave us the motivation to make something different and exciting happen, without the pressures that most studio groups have. We are the Belfast Bankers.

  • Adam Turkington
  • Ali Fell
  • Andrew Melville
  • Ash Plum
  • Ben Behzadafshar
  • Colm Clarke
  • Dawn Richardson
  • Ed Reynolds
  • Elaine Taylor
  • Eoin McGinn
  • Esther O’Kelly
  • Fionnuala Kennedy
  • Jack Cole
  • Jamie Mason Harper
  • John Macormac
  • Jonathan Wallace
  • Jonny McEwen
  • Kristi Nicole Campbell
  • Laura Nelson
  • Leo Boyd
  • Michael O’Halloran
  • Mike Smith
  • Neal Campbell
  • Neil Foster
  • Rob Hilken
  • Robin Price
  • Sally O’Dowd
  • Tonya McMullan
  • Ursula Burns

To view more information on each of the artists, please click HERE (opens as a PDF)

Contact Details

Belfast Bankers
431 Newtownards Rd,