November 9, 2017

Bbeyond Performance Monthly, Belfast

Saturday 18 November, 12 noon

The next Performance Monthly will be part of the BIFPA (Belfast International Festival Performance Art) taking place in the Ulster University from the 13 to 18 November.

Continuing with an extracts from Hugo Ball’s Diary 1917 diary, these excerpts is from 14th November and 18th November 1917, are particularly interesting, the second one reflecting a circularity shift of space/time.

β€˜Never lose consciousness: we are the last reserve.’

β€˜When I consider that Germany is cut off from the great stream of life, that we here in Switzerland absorb new things and of course new shocks, too, every day, while over there every free breath is suppressed, then I wonder how we will be able to communicate once the frontiers fall. The West is communicating its experiences, plans, and arrangements more intensively than ever; the world federation has actually already been established, but Germany play a role of the outlaw, with all the terrible consequences.’

Location: Glass Box, Ulster University, York St, Belfast


Bbeyond Performance Monthly, Belfast