January 30, 2019

Artist Talk | Jumana Manna at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin

Thursday 14 February, 6.30pm.

As part of her exhibition “Wild Relatives” at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Jumana Manna returns to Dublin to give a talk on her first solo show in Ireland. Taking the ambient soundtrack of the film Wild Relatives (2018) as starting point and structural container, the talk will unfold in a series of ‘verses’ as the artist reflects on the making of both the film and the ceramic sculptures she created while on residence in Dublin at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), supported by the Ceramics and Glass department at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD).

Palestinian artist Jumana Manna (b. 1987) makes films and sculptures that explore the ways in which social, political and interpersonal forms of power interact with the human body. Her films weave together fact and fiction, biographical and archival materials, to investigate constructions of national and historical narratives. Her sculptures, more abstract by comparison, take interest in the calcifications of memory, as represented by the artefact real or forged. In recent projects, Manna has used film and sculpture to recompose various materials that pertain to historical narratives of the Levant and northern Europe as separate and relational geographies. These works have explored the ways in which economic, political and interpersonal forms of power condition architectural sites as well as human and plant life. Manna has a particular interest in the erasures that accompany various modern scientific preservation practices; her projects challenge the binary constructions of pure and unchanging heritage on the one hand, and the embrace of innovation on the other.

The exhbition “Wild Relatives” runs until 23 February 2019 in the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.…

Artist Talk | Jumana Manna at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin