February 5, 2018

Art of Photography Course at The Darkroom, Dublin 7

The Art of Photography is a mentorship-based course aimed at those who want to advance their photography skills, pursue a certain project or create a photographic portfolio to showcase their work. The course is suitable for people with a good understanding of the basic principals of camera exposure in digital or analogue photography.

The course provides students with the technical skills, facilities and creative environment to explore and develop their ideas to produce a substantial body of work be it for an exhibition or portfolio. Course tutors Mella Travers, Louis Haugh, Mandy O’Neill and Christine Redmond will be working alongside students to elevate their practice to the highest possible level through classes, one-to-one tutorials, group critique sessions and technical workshops. At the beginning of the course for the first few classes students will attend a lecture in photographic theory and practice, do a recap on basic/intermediate photography skills and look at the rules of composition – and how to break them. And be introduced to Adobe Lightroom workflow.

Dates: Feb: Thurs 22nd & Sat 24th March: Thurs 1st, Sat 3rd, Tuesday 6th, Thurs 15th & Thurs 22nd & Sat 24th April: Thurs 5th, Sat 14th, Thurs 19th May; Sat 5th & Thurs 17th June: Sat 2nd
Times: Thursday Evenings 18.30 – 21.30, Saturdays 10.30 – 16.30
Fee: €725
Location: The Darkroom, 32 North Brunswick Street Dublin, Leinster D7 Ireland

Art of Photography Course at The Darkroom, Dublin 7