May 14, 2018

ART and COFFEE: Artist Talk at The Lavit Gallery, Cork

Saturday 19 May 11.30am – 12:30pm

Come along for a coffee and a chat with some of the artists in our current exhibition Art and Architecture, with works by Helen Devitt, Angela Fewer, Roseanne Lynch and Vivienne Roche.

Helen Devitt augments her architectural practice and specialised area of conservation and adaptation of historic buildings with her art practice. Working intuitively through painting, printmaking and photography, the Irish landscape, both natural and man-made, is explored. Her training and practice as an architect for over two decades has informed this exploration and the making of place, both real and imagined. Man-made cuts and casts which interrupt the natural landscape leave traces and layers, and a sense of place is re-imagined in her work through surface and material in which a resonance of a culture and history is embedded.

Angela Fewer’s practice consists of painting, drawing, collage and sculpture. This body of work was made between 2008 – 2014. Her aspiration for this work is to create a fantastically conceived architectural space using reality, reference, inference, and imagination, to address concerns such as location, identity, memory, movement, and the built environment. Taking architecture as a starting point, these paintings play with perspectival confusion, pattern, interior settings, painterly marks, and art historical references, to create a virtual reality.

Over the last 35 years Vivienne Roche has worked in large-scale bronze, glass, steel, sailcloth, stuccodore plaster, and reconfigured landscape. Drawing, watercolour and photography have also been central to her work. Her artistic themes derive from site-specific dialogues between architecture and sculpture. Here we have work in bronze, drawings on paper and drawings on leather.

Roseanne Lynch’s Master of Arts (by research) from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork (2010) placed her practice within phenomenological discourse concerning the corporal presence of looking, and the real and implied space within a photographic representation; in which the viewer’s awareness of their own presence becomes an inherent element of the work.

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ART and COFFEE: Artist Talk at The Lavit Gallery, Cork