June 21, 2018

Abstract Painting Challenge with Tadhg McGrath at Block T

These 5 sessions provide an enthusiastic introduction to this way of making art, using original techniques that encourage creativity. Abstract art has its own set of rules and conventions, and learning about this way of painting provides an insight into the basic methods of composition, colour, and applying paint. Through practical demonstrations and experimentation you will be encouraged to explore ways in which contemporary art can deal with expressing personal experiences and learn the underlying ideas of abstraction.

You will learn how to apply paints with brushes, knives, and other implements to create your own studies and finished works. A series of exercises on paper and in notebooks – including drawing from observation – will help to provide ways to derive your own set of marks, patterns and lines. Studies in composition and mark-making will explore the use of imagery from sources such as news media and advertising, as starting points for paintings which are more than simple recordings.

Dates: Five evenings, starting Tuesday, June 26th
Times: 18:30 – 21:00
Fee: €160 materials are included
Location: BLOCK T Studios, Dublin 8

Abstract Painting Challenge with Tadhg McGrath at Block T